World Halal Day - 2019

Date: 3rd October - 5th October

Time : 10:00Am - 05:00Pm

VENUE: Kuibyshev Square & Lotte Hotel,
Russia, Samara, Samarskaya Street, 110

+91-044- 48586783

Volga Investment Summit

“A new step in creating effective relationships between investors and business in Russia and the Islamic world”

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VOLGA INVESTMENT is 2 events, the purpose of which is to make the Samara region and the Volga Federal District as a whole a recognizable player in the global halal industry.

VOLGA INVESTMENT SUMMIT is a complex of events consisting of:

Opening Ceremony

Investment and Economic Forum

Investment Sessions


Target Audience & Key Performance


Target Audience: international investment funds, private investors, recognized international experts in the field of Islamic finance and investment, representatives of Russian authorities at the regional, federal levels, top officials and high-ranking government officials from the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

Key Performance

  • 10 representatives of investment funds
  • 3 signed investment memorandum
  • 500 guests at the opening ceremony
  • 7 representatives of foreign Islamic banks
  • 5 representatives of leading Russian banks
  • 5 high-ranking representatives of foreign government agencies
  • 15 high-ranking representatives of the regions of Russia
  • 30 high-ranking representatives of various departments
  • 40 consultants and specialists in Islamic finance and economics
  • 3 business missions from Samara to the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Morocco, etc.
  • 3 business missions from Arab countries with potential investors
  • 10 partners of the event

Key Benefits

Increasing the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation and, in particular, the Samara Region, attracting foreign investment (under the conditions of sanctions restrictions from Western countries) mainly from the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Asia.

Increasing the potential of the Samara region and the Russian Federation as a whole in exporting halal products and services to the countries of near and far abroad, expanding sales to the Muslim regions of Russia.

Popularizing and promoting the development of the digital economy in the Russian Federation, including by unlocking the positive potential of end-to-end digital technologies (artificial intelligence, blockchains, the Internet of things, etc.) for implementing Russian and international projects in the field of Islamic economics and finance.

Establishing business communications between Russian and international expert and business communities, representatives of non-governmental and state organizations, promoting inter-ethnic and inter-confessional dialogue.

Popularization of alternative financial instruments that comply with the principles of partnership financing.

Increasing the tourist attractiveness of the Samara region, the development of the hotel business, environmental, event and other types of tourism.

Popularization of the concept of “Halal” as an ethical and responsible image and standard of living of mankind.

Improving the quality of standardization and expanding the range of organic food in the domestic markets of Russia.

Development of the market of medical services and pharmaceuticals in Russia.


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