World Halal Day - 2019

Date: 3rd October - 5th October

Time : 10:00Am - 05:00Pm

VENUE: Kuibyshev Square & Lotte Hotel,
Russia, Samara, Samarskaya Street, 110

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Objective & Community Values



Exchange of positive and healthy communication between and within communities


Common understanding of positive human values acceptable to all communities.


Nurturing wholesome values in the young and laying a foundation for the future.


Character and Moral Values

A good family which nurtures and inculcates positive values in their children will help character development in the home. Moral values are a product of the community’s mores. Understanding and Acceptance of Universal Values in Harmony. We made great strides towards racial harmony, encouraging harmony circles and through Social Activities. We wish to complement this good cause by identifying commonly accepted values throughout communities that are the key to harmony. Respect for other community’s culture requires, understanding, and respect of that community’s values. As an example of universal values, all religions and cultures interpret the concept of love and care in their own way. The concept of love through understanding using one’s religious and cultural background must be universally acceptable. Effective communication between cultures requires a special understanding, encompassing values acceptable to all cultures.

Intercultural Communication

In the case where one community’s values differ from another, then tolerance and respect are required. Communication, understanding and appreciation of other cultural values and fusion of cultures should be encouraged. Sharing of this one world between and within communities, with respect, tolerance and love are keys to unity, peace and harmony, through which misunderstanding and fear are eliminated. There can never be harmony between communities if individual religious or cultural values of one community are imposed on another. In other words, there must be universal values of tolerance, respect and understanding.



Our value systems have focused so much on subjects that are necessary for survival and prosperity that the spiritual dimension has lagged behind. Whilst many of the elements of character building, such as discipline and family values, are embodied in our school systems, material that teaches students how to live good exemplary lives has been lacking. Religious education is a necessary part of a young person’s development. In a plural society task is usually left to the parents or religious organization. There is a need for a Universal Values Education (on a national and international level) where children are taught from an early age the universal values of all religions through fables and stories.

World Halal Day

An individual has the power to touch another person through his or her will to spread good values in an interpersonal communication. That other person will do the same to a third person. The results of positive communication will be beneficial to our selves, our families, and nation and eventually to the world.


Annual World Halal Day Observance Ceremony The purpose of having an observance on the each year has been to remind others that peace and harmony are not to be taken for granted.


Dialogue It promotes awareness of common values of peace, and harmony via poetry, film and other media.


It conducts forums to encourage intercommunity understanding and the understanding of common values. Dialogues with and works alongside like-minded Singaporean organizations, with the objective of furthering intercommunity understanding.
Sacrifice is another way of taking responsibility – an end to apathy and a positive feeling that each one of us can make a difference as we touch others with our love, creating a ripple effect around the world.

We must make the most of our life and touch as many people as we can.
Henceforth, most humbly we once again request your esteemed Highness to please magnanimously take some of your precious time to go through our Application for the Recognition of the Special Occasion on the Day of 1st November as the World Halal Day thereby giving our entire gamut of humanitarian improvement and development global initiatives a vital facelift and marked impetus with new thrust. This will be propelling the overall drive and dedication to the human cause and give a new dimension to its new frontiers.

We sincerely hope and feel greatly honored with your magnanimous and positive consideration on our said application and bless us in taking our first step towards it.

With best Regards,
Mohamed Jinna
Founding Chairman, World Halal Day


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