World Halal Day - 2019

Date: 3rd October - 5th October

Time : 10:00Am - 05:00Pm

VENUE: Kuibyshev Square & Lotte Hotel,
Russia, Samara, Samarskaya Street, 110

+91-044- 48586783

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Mohamed Jinna


The observation of World Halal Day on 1st of November every year is to promote and strive to build One Community regardless of any diversity and to unite everyone in the world with the basic principles of Food for All, United against Hunger, One human community and Preservation of Nature. Apart from the trade and commercial aspects, these principles stand for wholesomeness which cares about the Quality, Integrity, and Standards of Healthy Food Consumption. It also cares for the Environment, Social Responsibility, Animal Welfare, Community Welfare and many more. There are many manufacturers, service providers, certification bodies, nonprofit organizations, societies, authorities, governments and the consumers which will hopefully benefit from this project for all to care and give back to society.

The prime objective of this day is to bridge the imbalance of the food excesses and deficits around the world, ensuring and promoting natural healthy food for the needy. Due to the critical complexities in the manufacturing process of food today and amid the profit driven business motives, which are making most of the food we consume unhealthy against the natural especially in untested processed food and use of harmful chemicals. Millions of products are being halal certified in the market and this World Halal Day will give their manufactured products to the needy in every country over the globe.

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Food for All

To uphold the rights of every living individual a quality, hygienic, healthy food to lead a constructive and healthier life.

United Against Hunger

To eradicate the hunger and hunger deaths across the globe by balancing the food excesses and deficits through uniting all the nations in a single platform with regards to bridge the gap and serve the needy.

Preserve the Nature

To ensure the livelihood and safety of the natural resources and fellow human beings.

One Human Community

To build a community regardless of race, religion, creed and cast on a single common necessity called “halal food”.


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